LANOptic Video Solutions is a revolutionary concept combining the World Wide Web & Video Surveillance.

LANOptic Video Solutions is based on two technologies that became popular in the late 1990's, video broadcasting through the internet and the broadcasting of surveillance video within a closed system. The best features of these technologies have been combined to provide a simple and economical solution to Wide Area Video Observation.

The technology allows you to view a video stream from any client PC that is connected to the internet. Through a web page you can select multiple video streams such as various departments in your organization, home or office simultaneously! Access to the video streams can be protected by a variety of security features.

Flexibility is key with LANOptic Video Solutions Video Security. There are many applications of the system, including:
Work Environment
- View multiple locations/properties from any single location.
- Monitor a single site from multiple locations simultaneously.
- Monitor multiple sites from multiple locations sumultaneously.
- Observe your daily operations while away on business or vacation.
- Monitor Process and Production in a plant environment.
- Assess hazardous environments from a safe location.
- Incorporate real time, real life examples into corporate presentations, sales calls and internal meetings.
- Monitor progress and safety at construction sites.
- Alarm verification; legitimacy of fire or security alarms.
- Traffic monitoring
Home and Family
- Monitor your house, cottage or other property from a remote location.
- Monitor your children at a daycare or with a babysitter at home.
- No special client software is required
- Uses industry standard browsers
- Unlimited concurrent users
- Access from any client PC connected to the Internet or Intranet
- No long distance charges
- No dedicated phone lines are required
The LANOptic Video Solutions solution not only provides real time video broadcasting over the Internet, but also allows for LAN and WAN access while at work.
What makes the LANOptic Video Solutions solution superior to previous video broadcasting systems?
What truly sets us apart is our ability to monitor real time video streams while enjoying full remote control of the video server hardware all within a single Internet Web site.
This means that you can select cameras within a stream through a Web interface from a remote PC.
As part of a video surveillance system, seperate video cameras are connected to one central server, via a high-speed Internet connection. This central server allows you to view cameras on a dedicated monitor in several different modes: individually, in a continuous cycle, or in multiples on a split screen.
With LANOptic Video Solutions video streaming you now have the ability to view your surveillance video streams from any PC that is connected to the Internet, a LAN or a WAN. You are also able to place cameras at remote locations (cottage, workplace and home), and monitor them all from your PC.
In addition, you have full remote control over your viewing modes without being in physical proximity to the central server.
There are three LANOptic Video Solutions Solutions available.
Bronze Solution
Single LANOptic Video Solutions Video Streaming System
- Standard Web Page, Configuration, Monthly Hosting Fee
Silver Solution
Single LANOptic Video Solutions Video Streaming System
- Standard Web Page with Control Console, Configuration, Monthly Hosting Fee
Gold Solution
Single LANOptic Video Solutions Video Streaming System
- Video Server, Standard Web Page with Control Console, Configuration, Monthly Hosting Included