Industrial Management and Security Video Surveillance Solutions

Flexibility is key with LANOptic Video Solutions. There are many applications of the system, including:

LANOptic Video Security/Streaming Applications at a Glance
View multiple locations/properties from any single location.
Monitor a single site from multiple locations simultaneously.
Monitor multiple sites from multiple locations sumultaneously.
Observe your daily operations while away on business or vacation.
Monitor Process and Production in a plant environment.
Assess hazardous environments from a safe location.
Incorporate real time, real life examples into corporate presentations, sales calls and
   internal meetings.
Monitor progress and safety at construction sites.
Alarm verification; legitimacy of fire or security alarms .
Traffic monitoring.
Video Analytics:
People Counting
Motion Tracking
Left Item Detection
Object Classification
Removed Item Detection
Virtual Fence/Perimeter Breach
Vehicle Counting
Wrong Direction
Recording to local, network or remote NVR hard disk storage
Internet browser accessible, Real Time Video at variable frame rates
Still image capture in JPG format
Event triggered alarms and/or alerts via FTP, email or instant messaging with image
Video image access from Blackberry or other web enabled PDA
Remote access to recorded video archive
Web enabled Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) control
Scheduled system & device task automation and event handling
Intelligent search of video archive
Remote device management & patch control
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