Industrial Management and Security Video Surveillance Solutions

A large real estate firm asked LANOptic Video Solutions to propose a video surveillance system with a few cameras to help monitor an indoor pool at an apartment complex. This system was required to provide safety and security for the tenants as well as ensure the rules and regulations were adhered to.

A site tour revealed that the pool was large and in a room that was 60’ X 90’. This project was a perfect place to utilize a single wide angle “megapixel” IP network camera. The megapixel option offered the simplicity of a single camera with the flexibility of PTZ. Due to the moisture in the environment, moving parts would be at risk in a mechanical PTZ product. Megapixel technology offers the benefit of the PTZ features without the use of mechanical functionality. It was however, required that a custom made, waterproof enclosure be created to prevent damage in the event of splashing or extreme humidity.

LANOptic Video Solutions was awarded the contract and the camera was implemented. The solution exceeded the expectations of the client so dramatically; they have requested a proposal to provide the same equipment to secure the lobby and parking areas of the building.

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