Industrial Management and Security Video Surveillance Solutions
LANOptic Video Solutions offers numerous solutions to address the wide variety of needs of our clients. The systems are designed to address our clients objective through the following levels of requirement:
• Basic Observation
Implementation of strategically located video devices to allow monitoring and/or supervision of people, places or things. This solution requires little more than cameras and network or internet access to video and associated imaging with limited recording capability required.
• Surveillance
Motion & schedule triggered or continuous recorded, archived video surveillance. This solution requires Network Video Recording (NVR) devices with integrated video management applications. These systems are deployed primarily for the purpose of video surveillance security and loss prevention objectives. These systems have all of the functionality of Basic Observation.
• Intelligent Video Management
Advanced Video Analytics involving specialized software algorithms. These systems are designed to allow video devices to be controlled and managed for the purpose of event detection and event handling. Rules can be created to trigger responses to events such as but not limited to: alarms, email notification, automated PTZ camera position adjustment, RFID integrated results and data management, access control, device action relay response, image data upload, equipment control, people counting and response protocol, wrong way detection response, items left behind, items removed, object classification, traffic shaping and management, event reporting etc… These systems have a myriad of uses in all facets of video surveillance security but more importantly, Video Aided Industrial Management.
Customization Services
Typically involves software scripting to provide “hot maps”, video image page layouts, etc… for use in situations where simplicity has its benefits. This enables LANOptic to deliver solutions the way you want to use them as opposed to how the applications require you to understand them.
Project Specific
These systems combine features from some or all of the above solutions to create a solution to address a specific need such as C-TPAT and other regulatory compliance.
Custom Engineered
These systems are engineered specifically to meet the needs of a new advancement. Custom developed solutions are often devised from a consideration to apply advanced video technology to address or solve problems that are often difficult to resolve using conventional methods. LANOptic Video Solutions have designed systems to accommodate  specialized objectives such as “Unmanned Mobile Surveillance Vehicles” which required the design and manufacture of custom covert camera enclosures, mobile recording devices, wireless LAN & WAN, all self contained power provisioning and associated circuit fabrication.
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