Industrial Management and Security Video Surveillance Solutions

LANOptic Video Solutions was asked to provide a recommendation and proposal for a security surveillance system in each of 3 companies operating in the manufacturing of hydraulic piping and parts industry. The initial goal was to prevent loss due to theft of expensive stainless steel. The 3 companies are situated inside 1 square km.

LANOptic Video Solutions determined that all 3 locations could be serviced by 1 recording system by linking the sites using Point to Point (PTP) wireless bridges and CAT5 Ethernet cabling. This connection would be implemented by LANOpticís sister company ADLAN Corporation who is an expert in the design, implementation and support of local and wide area networks. Once connected, the cameras could be located in any of the 3 buildings, monitored, recorded and distributed to the internet through a single network video recorder (NVR) located at any of the 3 sites. As a side benefit, the connections between the buildings could also be used for establishing better connection speeds to improve their current VLAN wide area business system infrastructure.

LANOptic Video Solutions was awarded the contract and the first stage of the surveillance system was implemented. The wireless bridge was deployed to link 2 of the buildings and a CAT5 cable was fed through an underground conduit to connect the other 2 sites joining all 3 buildings together on the same LAN. The first video system involved a high quality Pan, Tilt, Zoom (PTZ) camera among others which was situated in the center of the product assembly shop. Soon after it was installed, the client contacted LANOptic and informed us that the PTZ camera was amazing and is now allowing him to provide his clients with a facilities tour over the internet. The client indicated that this capability has drastically improved his business to his clients in USA and abroad because they typically require a site visit before issuing an order and that involved flight and hotel arrangements which was costly and time consuming. Now he gets to take the clients on tour from the comfort of their office and the deals close much quicker.

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