Industrial Management and Security Video Surveillance Solutions

A retail chain store required a solution for monitoring their 8 stores for the purpose of loss prevention and operations management. It was originally proposed that each location be fitted with individual CCTV surveillance systems.

LANOptic Video Solutions reviewed the requirements and determined that the client’s objectives could be met with a system comprised of a single NVR recording system located at their largest facility and megapixel IP network cameras strategically located at all stores. Due to the PTZ capabilities of the Axis 212 wide field cameras, close-up observation of objects and people at a distance from the cameras would accommodate the requirement of maximum coverage with the use of a 1-2 cameras per location while also allowing for detailed views where required.

LANOptic Video Solutions was hired on the basis that by implementing IP Network camera technology, the solution could be provided at a lower cost and lower maintenance than the CCTV option. In addition, the effectiveness of the system due to the intelligence of the network cameras was dramatically superior. By leveraging features such as Guard Tour, Event Handling, Edge Triggering and other capabilities, this system was customized to deliver advanced image quality and simple to use “Hot Map” browser access.

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